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This is area is a convient shorthcut to download the notes and other resources I made to help you in your studies, still if you dont study you will not pass.

download MITA - HTML/CSS
Chess Disco - It is a good example of a website with simple html and css.

download ib - Access
cool breeze worksheet access

download AITA - Access 2010
Query notes with many examples (use the query workfile with this also available on rinmaru)

download AITA - Access 2o10
Pasta Restaurant Worksheet (Access)

download AITA - Access
Form - Invoices


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March 2, 2017
MRK / Re - Big Note Pack
Start reading the Web Design Notes. Search both for dreamweaver notes and the big notes pack

February 23, 2016
All / Office 2016
As of today Office 2016 is available for free from your MCAST's Outlook and Office 365

November 22, 2015
AITA / ACCESS 2010 for dummies
Use your mcast email to creat an mcast.skillport.com account to access the following book for reference https://goo.gl/v4rXhk